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Robert passes his driving test first time

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Robert did his Driving Lessons in Portsmouth with Alpha Driving School.

A brilliant first time pass for Robert, well done Robert. He took his driving lessons in Portsmouth and then passed his driving test in Portsmouth.  After doing all of his Driving lessons in Portsmouth, Fareham and the surrounding area. Then Robert took his driving test at the Portsmouth Test Centre. Passed after doing all of his driving lessons in Portsmouth.

When learning to drive with we cover all areas of the driving syllabus set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. The DVSA’s stated purpose is “helping you stay safe on Britain’s roads”. It is something that we take very seriously. We want all of our customers to feel at they have all the skills necessary to be a happy, safe and confident driver. Which achieves the other aim of the DVSA, helping people through a lifetime of safe driving.

One of the newest features for the driving test is the Independent Driving section. It is a 20 minutes part of the test where the candidate is either following the directions of a SatNav (which the driving examiner will provide). Or the examiner with ask the candidate to follow road signs for the 20 minutes of independent driving. We feel that it is very important that drivers have reached a high skill level with this aspect of driving. So that once they have passed their test they feel very comfortable being in the car on their own.

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Robert took all of his driving lessons with Alpha Driving School, which is based in Portsmouth.  Find out more all about us at our website www.LearnToDriveWithAlpha.co.uk. We are very good at what we do and pride ourselves on our customers enjoying learning to drive.