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 Intensive Driving Lessons in Portsmouth, Southsea and Cosham

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At Alpha driving school, we give you the best chance of getting the most out of your intensive driving lessons in Portsmouth, Southsea and Cosham and intensive driving courses & passing your driving test.

Intensive Driving Lessons in Portsmouth

Intensive Driving Lessons in Portsmouth

If you have no driving experience or if you have some we can tailor an intensive driving course to suit you. It is important to understand that the industry average for a learner driver to be at test standard is 45 hours.  This average is compiled by the Vehicle and Driving Standards Agency (DVSA).  So if you have no driving experience at all you can expect to be doing an intensive driving course for 45 to 50 hours.

We don’t recommend doing more than four hours in any one day as your concentration goes after that time and if you are having trouble with a learning point then taking a break and coming back to it the following day is far more productive.  During those four hours there would be a break in the middle as you should never drive for more than two hours without taking a break.

When we are teaching a Intensive driving course we always start somewhere quite and out of the way. We cover controls of the car and then moving off and stopping.  After that you will do simple junctions which will involve turning left and turning right and then emerging left and emerging right.  From there we would move onto simple roundabouts.  Its all about building your confidence up using those basic skills, the core driving routine is Mirror Signal Position Speed Look, once you have mastered those then the instructors job is almost done.  We then build your skills up from that base, introduce the maneuvers and then work on the independent drive.

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