New Standards Check

New ADI Standards Check

New Standards Check

New Standards Check

For driving Instructors one of the things that has to be done every once in a while is the check test.  Its the driving instructors version of a schools Ofsted  and driving instructors enjoy doing the ADI check test as much as schools enjoy having an Ofsted visit.

In April of 2014 the check test will be changing to a Standards Check.  Some of the changes that we know about are things like there will be no role play, you have to turn up with a pupil.  They are going to move the responsibility to driving instructors to book the test rather than the Standards and Testing Agency chasing and booking the test.  They are also looking at changing the fee system so that the driving instructor pays for a Standards Check rather that it be included in the fee that an instructor pays every four years.  This will stop a driving instructor from not turning up or saying that he was let down by a pupil at the last minute.  If you know that you will have to pay again if you don’t turn up.

The Standards Check is in line with the National driving standard document that was published this year.  But for driving instructors it should make little difference. The advice that is on the website for the ADI check test should keep the instructor on the right side of delivering a good standard.

The new standards check form can be found by clicking here

The Information below is from the site and is about the current test and not the new standards check.  I’ll update it as soon as they update the information on their site.

1. Overview

You have to take at least 1 check test during each 4-year period that you’re registered as an approved driving instructor (ADI).

You still have to take the check test if you: Don’t have a pupil.  Don’t have a car.  Are not currently working as an ADI

The test makes sure that you are keeping up the proper standards of instruction.

It lasts for about 1 hour. There’s a 15 minute debrief at the end of the test when you get a grade of your performance.

How check tests are booked

You’ll get a letter from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) asking you to go for your check test. It will tell you when it will be and where to go.

You won’t have to pay a fee to take your check test.

Not attending your test

The ADI registrar will give you another test date if you don’t attend.

2. What to take to your check test

You must take these to your check test:

Your approved driving instructor (ADI) certificate

A suitable car

Rules for the car you use for your check test

The car you use for your check test must:  Be roadworthy, safe and reliable (ie it is less than 3 years old or has a valid MOT certificate).  Have working rear seat belts.  Be fitted with L plates (or D plates in Wales) if you’re instructing a learner.

Cars you can’t use:  You can’t use: a soft-top convertible, a car with a 2+2 seating arrangement rather than full-size rear seats

If your car doesn’t meet the rules: your test will be cancelled, another test will be booked as soon as possible

You can be removed from the ADI register if you keep bringing a car that doesn’t meet the rules.

Driving Standards Agency check test enquiries.  0300 200 1122  Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

3. What happens during the check test

A check test usually involves the examiner watching a lesson you give to a real pupil.

If you don’t have a pupil available you can use:  Someone with a full driving licence, but they can’t be an approved driving instructor (ADI).  The examiner, who will act as a pupil in a role-play check test.

What the examiner looks for?  The examiner will look at:  How you instruct, and how clear, thorough and correct your instruction is.  Your observation of the pupil’s errors, and whether or not you correct them properly.  Your manner, patience, tact and ability to inspire confidence.

You’ll be assessed on 3 main areas:  1. Instructional techniques.  2. Instructor characteristics.  3. Core competencies

The core competencies that the examiner will assess are: Fault identification, fault analysis, remedial action, instructional techniques.

The examiner will assess your instructional techniques on how you:  Give a recap of the previous lesson at the start.  Set relevant aims and objectives for the lesson.  Match your level of instruction to the ability and experience of the ‘pupil’.  Plan the lesson.  Control the lesson.  Communicate.  Ask questions and listen to the answers.  Give feedback and encouragement.  Use the dual controls.  Give a recap at the end.

Instructor characteristics

The examiner will assess if you:  Have a relaxed and friendly manner, but aren’t overly familiar.  Appear confident and are able to fill your ‘pupil’ with confidence in a patient and tactful way.

4. Your check test grade

At the end of your check test, the examiner will:  Give you your grade from 1 to 6, discuss your performance with you, give you a copy of the marking sheet.

Your grade will determine how long it’ll be before you have to take your next check test.

Grades you can get

Grade Overall performance

6 Very high

5 Good

4 Satisfactory

3 Inadequate

2 Poor

1 Extremely poor

E Educational check test

You’ll usually have to take a check test again within:  2 years if you get a grade 4, 4 years if you get a grade 5 or 6, Grade 2 or 3, If you get a grade 2 or 3, you’ll have 2 more attempts to meet the required standard.

If you need a 3rd test, a more senior examiner will take it. This is to make sure that the process is fair and transparent.

The approved driving instructor (ADI) registrar will start removing you from the register if you don’t reach an acceptable standard in 3 consecutive check tests.

If this happens, you’ll have to retake and pass all the ADI qualifying tests to join the register again.

Grade 1

If you get a grade 1 you only get 1 more attempt to prove that you can meet the required standard.

The ADI registrar will start removing you from the register If you don’t meet the standard.

Educational check test

If you’re a newly qualified ADI and your instruction is not acceptable, you’ll get an ‘E’ grade. You’ll normally have to take the check test again within 6 months.